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Monday, June 25, 2012

Selfish Brides...Obama Wants Your Gifts

Hey you brides and bridezillas, I bet you thought after all your dreaming and planning that you were about to enjoy the wedding of your dreams...but hold on there, you selfish ingrates.  Why should you be lauded with gifts from your friends and family when YOUR PRESIDENT needs some cash to fund his re-election campaign?  Yep, give it up for a cause...
Now, don't you feel better?  No?  You really did want a gravy boat?  Me, too.  Every Thanksgiving I am eternally grateful that I have one.  Do you think the Obama's passed on their opportunity to own china and silver? I would love to get a gander at their wedding gifts.
Looks like they didn't just jump over a broom, either.  What a waste of money!  Obviously a very self-indulgent couple. Where is the distribution of wealth on this occasion? Maybe we should outlaw weddings and just allow civil ceremonies (for consenting adults) and tax them according to one's income level.  It is certainly one way to get money from the rich folks (gainfully employed) and redistribute it to the poor.  Silly me, I thought that was why I donated to charities. I guess the 300 billion Americans gave last year was not enough.  Now, they need your wedding gifts.  What's next? Hold on to your tooth fairy money, kids.
The Best Man.

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