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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Angry Brides

If you have been a bride, been the mother of the bride or participated in a wedding, there is a good chance you might have seen a bit of bridal hysteria.  Whether it is nerves or hormones, all the planning for the big day can culminate in hissy fits.  While a bridezilla may be unpleasant to deal with, the normal woman usually surfaces after the wedding tensions are over.  But, what about the truly ANGRY bride?
It may only be a matter of choosing the right woman.  If this is your future wife's idea of the perfect bridal portrait, you might want to reconsider this one.
If you are on the receiving end of this phone call, it would be a good time to beat a hasty retreat.  Better to be a run-away groom than tie yourself down to years of verbal abuse.
The wedding hasn't been over for fifteen minutes and she's already on his back.  Those black shoes with her wedding gown should have been the tip-off.  Time for an annulment.
Unless you are into this sort of thing, I would head directly to the airport, get on a plane and keep moving.  

Which brings us to our really angry brides. It is one thing to be obnoxious, but quite another to actually murder your groom.  Na Cola Darcel Franklin reportedly ended the life of her fiance, Billy Rafael Brewster a mere seven hours before they were to be married.  It wasn't as though she didn't know the man really well, as she was the mother of his children.  What ever argument arose, it was heated enough that Na Cola stabbed Billy in the chest (twice) with a kitchen knife. Nothing sweet about her. Obviously she was the sugar-free variety of Na Cola.  During her arraignment, she asked the judge to "check again" that her intended was really dead.

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