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Monday, August 13, 2012

Can You identify this Stone Artifact?

Well, it was triple-witching weekend at the ranch.  A coyote (or something) pooped on the new dock, thereby marking his territory.  Apache staked the three new wells:  One in the middle of a field PARTNER has been planting, a second in the middle of one of our roads and the final one which looks like it will also end up crossing one of our roads. The white and blue heron have been joined by two new blue herons, leaving us in great despair for our fish.
The best news of the weekend was that PARTNER found a stone tool. Not being a geologist, I can't rightly say, but it looks like flint and is very sharp.  I'm really excited about this discovery.  In fact I'm hoping they declare our property an ancient prehistoric site and kick Apache off the premises...but not before they clean up the mess they made.
If the ancient dwelling conservation area thing doesn't work out, I'm still hoping the quail researchers will deem us a conservation area and ban all drilling.  They will be at the ranch in two weeks.  I guess it is just a race to see who will be first to save us from the dreaded drilling crews.
In the meantime, if you know anything about archeology, please help me identify this and date it.

It is about 3-inches long by 2-inches at the widest part and 1/4-inch at the thickest part in the center.  I has strike marks where the edge has been worked to sharpen it.

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