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Monday, August 27, 2012

Apache Gate

Without the aid of Deep Throat or Woodward and Bernstein, PARTNER and I have uncovered a nefarious trespass upon our ranch by Apache.  Probably six months ago, we granted them a one-time egress onto our property while they dug a gas line trench, with the understanding that the fence section in question would be immediately replaced.  Of course, they threw up a temporary piece of fencing and despite our requests, have not replaced the fence.
Apache has access to the property adjoining the Diamond B, so they have unlawfully been using this as an entrance to our property.  PARTNER promptly chained the fence closed, padlocked it and left a note with our phone numbers.
Of course, that did not stop Apache.  They just drove right over the fence and tore it down.

Such disrespect for the law and our property!  We can just add this to the list of failures to get a right-of-way before they began a project.  If they try to enter our property from the east again, they will be in for a big surprise.  PARTNER did some heavy reinforcing of the in metal post every few feet.  I guess it is back to hidden surveillance cameras and armed guards.

Did I mention that I HATE Apache?

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