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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm So Bummed!

No, I don't have a problem with an expanding derriere. I have been suffering from writer's block because I am in such a BAD mood. My mind is rambling from one annoying fact to another.  I figure the only way to clear the air is to just devote a day to complaining.  So, here goes...
I know that "life is not fair" because I spent a good part of my daughters' lives telling them so.  It just seems like sometimes it is unfair-er than usual.

In the past year, our Chocolate Decadence committee of less than two dozen has lost a long-time member, a spouse, three sons and one grand-daughter.  It is difficult to understand why a group of people doing so much  good should be suffering so many tragedies. I feel sorry for the families and quite helpless.

The dreaded breast cancer!  Another year and more friends and family and dealing with chemotherapy, hair loss and medical bills.  I "think pink", donate and worry, but are we making any progress?

It is bad enough that a US Ambassador and "three others" were killed yesterday, but what does it say about us as a country when there is more concern about the political candidates' foreign policy statements than those who lost their lives.  I'm sure the families of the "three others" didn't think their loved ones were too insignificant to name. How did we get so out of kilter?

And, in the "Oh, give me a break." category... Five Hour Energy.  Have you heard their new commercial?
"We surveyed 3000 doctors and over 70% of them said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who took supplements."
You notice, the doctors didn't recommend supplements, they just said that low calorie supplements would be better for those who partake. And by the way...there are over 660 thousand physicians and surgeons in the US...not much of a sampling.
Isn't it amazing that our forefathers and mothers managed to plow the fields, build their own houses, grow their own food, fight a revolution and draw up a constitution without any energy supplements?

Hey,this morning I've done more venting than a chimney.  I certainly hope this rant has cleared my brain and the blog and I will return to normal.

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