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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

12 Worst Football Moves

Someone forgot to tell these guys that there is no 'I" in team.  I am really tired of showboating, self-promoting football players.  You are getting paid to play the game, so just get out there and do your job without all the antics.

1.  Dancing in the end zone.  Yes, it is very nice that Victor Cruz is honoring his grandmother, but I'm sure she would have told him that it is not polite to show-off.

2. Strutting across the goal line.
3. Superman

4.  Bowing after touchdown.
5.  Tebowing

6.  Somersaulting into end zone.

7.  Saluting

8. Airplaning
9.  Chest beating

10.  Leaping in the stands

11.  Spiking the ball over the goalpost.

12.  The body bump

Last weekend I saw Kyle Long perform some sort of train move.  Really?  My grand-daughter does the same thing.  You'd think his dad, Howie, would have warned him of the folly of such actions.

And finally, to make it a baker's dozen...what are they celebrating here?

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