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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How Many Apaches Does it Take To Lock a Gate?

Seems like we just can't quit butting heads with Apache over at the Diamond B.  My guess is that IQ tests are not mandatory.

Hmmm...does this surprise you?  Not only have they not locked the gate, they cut the fencing on the gate and the chain that held the lock.
We called and complained and they offered this solution... string. More complaining and they welded a wheel lock to the gate.  We check it three days later and the gate is unlocked and open.  Seems they put a three lock wheel on it and only one lock...meaning ANYONE could just turn the wheel to another position and open the gate.

PARTNER put locks on the other parts of the wheel and it was locked when we left. Can you hardly wait until next week's installment?

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