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Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Deal With Telephone Solicitations

I don't think the No Call List has reduced the number of telephone solicitations I receive.  It does, however, give me the opportunity to shout, "I'm on the No Call List!" before I slam down the phone. I have already ranted about political calls, so I'll limit this to folks selling things I don't want or need.

Several years ago, when I was still kind and gentle with these annoying callers, I had a woman call me from Florida.  I don't remember what she was selling, but in my sweetest voice I announced that I did not take telephone solicitations. Her response was, "You *****!  What did you call me?" and quickly disconnected.

My mother had the two very best phone stories I ever heard.  She was constantly getting phone calls from the Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  Despite her protests, they were determined that she come in for a free dance lesson. After politely refusing on numerous occasions, she finally decided to play along.
AMDS:  "At absolutely no cost to you, we would like to give you a free dance lesson so that you can experience the joys of dancing."
MOM:  " But I can't dance."
AMDS: "We can teach anyone to dance.  Soon you will be gliding across the floor."
MOM:  "Well, it sounds like lots of fun, but...
AMDS:  "When would you like to come in for your free lesson?"
MOM:  "I can't drive, so I'll have to find someone to take me over there."
AMDS:  "You could take a taxi."
MOM:  "I don't have any legs, so it is hard for me to answer the door."
AMDS:  "Click!"

Her other telephone triumph occurred shortly after my father died.

Caller:  "May I speak with Fred Neef?"
Mom:  "He isn't here.  May I take a message?"
Caller:  "No, I need to speak directly to Mr. Neef."
Mom:  "Can you tell me what this is in regards to?"
Caller:  "I need to speak to Mr. Neef, personally.  It is quite important."
Mom:   "He can't be reached by phone right now."
Caller:  "Is there another way I can get in touch with him?"
Mom:   "Are you in the vicinity?"
Caller:  "Yes."
Mom:  "Are you familiar with West Second Street?"
Caller:  "Yes."
Mom:  "You take West second to Shady Grove, turn right and then take your first left.  Follow that road less than a mile and he's the first grave on the right by the big tree."

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