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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dogsitter Outshines Babysitter

We are grandparents to a sweet rescue dog who was forced to remain at home during the Thanksgiving holidays.  Don't feel too sorry for Jillie, she received better care than most children do from a babysitter.

Hi Mom and Dad!

I thought I would just keep you abreast of my vacation stay at Aunt Nancy's house. Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods and I got to smell all the stacks of leafs, so many wonderful smells, we dogs love the treasures we find in those stacks!  Then, last night Aunt Nancy said I could have a surprise treat while she was baking pies. She gave me ice cream!  (special for dogs) Oh it was so good but I had to lick a lot and every lick was cold and creamy! Then we sat on the sofa together and discussed the history of Thanksgiving. I pretended to listen but I was much more interested in the dog show on the t.v. I don't think she noticed though. Then we went on a late evening walk and then I curled up in my bed for a warm and cozy night's sleep.

I like to start the day early so I go wake Aunt Nancy up about 7:20 and she made me bacon! Why sleep in when you can get bacon early? The sun was out and it was a fairly warm day so we went on a very long walk. This neighborhood isn't as nice as ours but it has lots of friendly dogs and the people aren't bad either. Aunt Nancy had more to do in the kitchen, (I don't know why she was spending so much time in there), but hey, I'm not complaining because I got another dish of ice cream! I then settled in for a long nap and before I knew it it was time for a turkey dinner. Don't worry mom and dad, although I am eating a little extra I insist that Aunt Nancy or Uncle Sig give me a lot of exercise. They oblige, after all, I am their guest! 

Well, I need to go, it seems that Aunt Nancy wants to play ball with me. As long as those treats keep coming out, I'll keep playing with her.

Hope you are having a good time away. I miss you but I am having fun so please don't worry. I will see you two Saturday!


I know all you pet owners are green with envy.  How happy would you be to find someone who would take such loving care of your pet in their own home?  I wouldn't mind checking into Aunt Nancy's for a little vacation.  

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