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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Woman Who Invented Halturkmas

For years, many of you have given credit (or blame) to stores like Hobby Lobby for rushing the fall holidays into one giant blur.  Just to set the record straight, I am the woman who invented Halturkmas.
I happen to have a December birthday.  I will blame it on that.  By the first week of December, I don't want to be responsible for shopping, decorating or wrapping.  I want to enjoy my birthday just like the folks who celebrate their natal days in months other than December. Consequently, the rise of the combo holiday, Halturkmas.
I start my holiday chopping in August, order my Christmas cards and purchase gifts for folks who are not in my immediate family.  I TRY to get lists from my family by September.  It didn't work at all this year and I'm flying solo on most of my presents.
While normal folks are carving pumpkins, I am surreptitiously decorating my upstairs Christmas tree.  Then I start wrapping packages and stowing them under the tree.  It is quite convenient because I never have to find hiding places for gifts.  No one but moi goes upstairs, so folks are non the wiser.
(Of course, if you happen to have a party in October and people stroll upstairs...)  Yep, I've been caught, but I think those folks were more jealous than outraged.
The rest of the decorations are up by Turkey Day.  I make a huge meal and face the last task of the holiday season...Christmas cards.
I sail happily through my birthday on the 7th and spend my spare time baking, attending parties and donating to charities.  I can actually enjoy the holidays.  It is a novel concept.
Christmas morning 2004
Today, the schedule calls for bowing packages and wrapping stocking gifts.  My shopping is done except for PARTNER.  I'm SURE it is not deliberate, but he is very last minute with gift ideas. After 45 years of gift giving, I have depleted all my ideas.
The best part of all this early shopping?  I have no bills to pay after Christmas.

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