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Friday, November 9, 2012

Posh Tots Review

Well, I didn't think there would be another show that could overtake Donna Decorates Dallas in the tacky department, but I was wrong.  After having some re-heated pizza as a late lunch, I was looking for a little brain candy before I went back to work.  Lo and behold...Posh Tots!
This show is hosted by Andrea Edmunds and Pam O'Hallaron.  In this particular episode, they decorated three bedroom for children:  an undersea theme, a carnival theme and Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
If you have watched any HGTV, you know the major rule in decorating is not to be too taste specific.  All three of these rooms go beyond taste specific into little houses of horror.  The undersea room is the most subtle, but hardly a room that will grow with a 12-year-old boy.  I'm guessing when he hits thirteen, the giant fish on the wall and the rowboat bed will have to go.
The carnival themed room was for Joey Fatone's daughter's entertainment area.  Give this girl a tube of lipstick in a few years and she won't want her friends near this kitschy room.  Now on to the biggest offender...the Willie Wonka room for a two-year-old.  This poor little toddler will never be able to sleep after being exposed to such stimulus all day. This room is just horrendous. There isn't one space in the room for the eye to rest.  It is total sensory overload.
I don't remember which design the "decorators" were referring to, but they mentioned the cost of the child's room approaching $45,000. Just what message are all these parents sending to their children?
According to HGTV's promo, "It's where Living The Fabulous Life Starts Early!"  Actually, it is just pathetic.  It is embarrassing that the parents would be dumb enough to shell out large sums for a crazy-themed room and then let it be documented on TV. Don't let these women near your house!

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