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Friday, November 9, 2012

Fraudulent Email from NACHA

I received this official looking document in my email, today.


Canceled transaction

The ACH transaction (ID: E90EEDC285), recently sent from your bank account (by you or any other person), was rejected by the other financial institution.

Transaction ID:
Rejection Reason
See details in the report below
Transaction Report
ACH_Report-E90EEDC285.pdf (Adobe Reader PDF)

13450 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100 Herndon, VA 20171 (703) 561-1100
© 2011 NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

So I checked it out and found:

Be Aware That:

  • NACHA does not process nor otherwise touch the ACH transactions that flow via the ACH Network nor between financial institutions and their customers.
  • NACHA does not send communications of any type to persons or organizations about individual ACH transactions that they originate or receive. If you or your customer has received a communication of this nature that purports to come from NACHA, it is fraudulent.
  • NACHA is the industry trade association that manages the development, administration, and governance of the ACH Network, the backbone for the electronic movement of money and data.
  • The ACH Network serves as a safe, secure, reliable network for direct consumer, business, and government payments, and annually facilitates billions of payments such as Direct Deposit and Direct Payment.
  • These incidents are occurring with greater frequency and increased sophistication. Perpetrators are conducting similar phishing attacks in which they are sending fraudulent emails that claim to be from the Federal Reserve Bank, IRS, other federal agencies, as well as commercial financial institutions, other payment organizations, technology companies, and businesses.
If you receive a suspicious email, please contact

So....this one goes in the trash bin!

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