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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Most Interested Man in Midland

If you've ever attended a seated dinner where you are randomly placed, you know what a miserable evening can ensue.  One time we were placed next to a woman who ran a bird sanctuary. They served Cornish game hens for dinner and she went berserk. Bland and boring conversation is one thing, but a ranting woman is quite another. It was with some trepidation that I approached an assigned seat event a few weeks ago.  As it turned out, I was acquainted two of the other couples, but my dinner partner was a stranger.  Little did I know that I had in fact drawn the Golden Ticket of dining.  Mr. X was a chocolate devotee on a grand scale.
To say that this man had the gift of gab would be short-changing him.  He was the consummate questioner. When I left the Petroleum Club, I was sure he knew more about me than most of my relatives.  I probably would have confessed my age, weight and worst habits if the evening had lasted much longer. I was thoroughly grilled on chocolate and favorite desserts.  I left feeling guilty that I really didn't want to make my own chocolate from scratch. (Do wine aficionados feel compelled to make their own wine?) As a result of constant conversation, my calorie consumption was reduced by two-thirds.  I didn't have time to eat.
This man is wasting his time in the oil industry.  He would be the perfect psychiatrist, lawyer or district attorney.  I was ready to confess to anything! We he spoke in tender terms of his love of chocolate, I was putty in his hands.
So, what did I learn about Mr. X?  Only that he loves chocolate and I think he attended college in California.  I will be stalking him at the next event. In the mean time, I'm keeping his identity a secret.
Mr. X

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