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Friday, December 21, 2012

Poinsettias: The Floral Fruitcake

I know why people give poinsettias for Christmas...they'd rather be on the giving than the receiving end of this present.  I will admit that if you are blessed to live in a tropical climate, your plants will flourish.  In Midland, where the temperature can be 80 degrees one day and 25 degrees the next, the poinsettia doesn't stand a chance.  Throw in the low humidity and it is the death knell for this holiday plant.
I am just wondering what it says about your relationship with the plant giver. Let's see...a plant with a sap that causes skin irritation and is difficult to care for.

If your house happens to be humid, light, stays between 65-75 degrees, free from drafts and rambunctious pets or children, you might be able to enjoy your poinsettia. Personally, I think its best use is as a carbon monoxide detector. The plant is very sensitive to this gas.  If your plant keels over within a few hours of entering your home, you better call for an HVAC repair.
Another problem is that folks tend to deliver poinsettias when the weather is below freezing. After riding around in a cold car, the plant is suffering from shock before it ever enters your house.  Then, somehow, it is your fault if the patient doesn't survive.
Next year, give the world a break and send amaryllis.  They are much prettier than poinsettias, easier to care for and last for six weeks.

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