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Monday, January 21, 2013

Irene Iddesleigh: Worst Book Ever Written?

When I discovered a novel labeled as the worst book ever written, it peaked my interest.  I have read some really bad books.  Did this piece of fiction really hold up to the hype?  I dove into Irene Iddesleigh by Mrs. Amanda McKittrick Ros with high hopes.
I will say the sequencing of the story seemed fine, the character unlovable and narrow-minded, but the main stumbling block to this book is the prose.  Wordy, wordy, wordy!  If you are a fan of alliteration,  you will be in hog-heaven:
"pillaged pillow of poverty"  Not sure what the even means.
"linen of loose lore and lengthy wear"  Isn't that how they are wearing linen these days?
"pebbled with principle, piety, purity and peace" Sounds like a fun date.
This work was published by her (adoring? blind? brow-beaten?) husband as a gift.  Maybe he hoped to keep her occupied writing books for years to come. Those who actually ordered the book received a personal letter from the author...nice touch....I just wonder how long the letters were.

If your book club can't decided what the next work should be, get everyone to download the FREE Kindle version of Irene Iddesleigh and let the fun begin.  The plot of this book is guaranteed to drive women crazy unless they are into duty, sacrifice and domineering men.

I can imagine all type of contests:
Who can read an entire page aloud without mistake or laughter?
Who can find the longest alliteration.
What is the most detailed explanation of an item without actually using its common name?

Honestly, this isn't the worst book I've ever read, but it it sure easy to find lots of things wrong with it.

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