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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apache's Good Cop

Just when I think the folks at Apache don't have a brain cell among them, something occurs which gives me pause.  After meeting our landman (we'll just call him Buddy), I have to believe that someone at Apache must indeed have a spark of intelligence.
Buddy was hired by Apache to do all the dirty work.  He deals directly with the landowners and handles their complaints and concerns.  After speaking with a few of Garden City's residence, I can tell you that he has a HUGE, thankless task. If you follow this blog, you will have some idea of what we have endured for the 15 months that Apache has been drilling on the Diamond B.
The bright spot in all this is Buddy.  Buddy is a nice guy.  If he wasn't beholding to Apache, I could imagine striking up a friendship with him.  He SEEMS so concerned about the state of our property and never fails to compliment on what with have achieved with our little section of what was once wilderness.  It is difficult to get too mad at a person when they are agreeing with you.  In other words...Buddy is a genius when it comes to soothing ruffled feathers.  You almost  believe he is as pained as you are to see trash thrown all over your property.  This guy so is good at being the good cop.
While the rest of the Apache organization is slow to respond, Buddy answers his phone and returns calls. He may not always accomplish what we need done, but he sure is good at apologizing.  He also has a secret accomplice who is familiar with the families in the area. If Apache ever lets this guy get away, they are even dumber than I give than credit for.
So, Good Cop Buddy, how about getting those slush pits cleaned up and reclaimed? I can't stand another summer of smelling those nasty things.  It has been over a year on some of them.  I'm about ready to call in the EPA.

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