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Friday, March 20, 2009


Even under the best circumstances, certain humans have a propensity to file suit with only the slightest provocation. With the economy and my portfolio (such that it is) spiraling downward, I fear that a large portion of the population will turn to superfluous laws to augment the drop in income. Therefore, I am adding a disclosure statement to Texas Jot.

"I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING, ANY TIME, ANYWHERE." There! I feel much better. It's concise and readable, for even the visually challenged. My disclosure in Texas Manners was quite lengthy, due to the numerous topics covered. Just because I suggested that only iceberg lettuce should be cut with a knife, I didn't want to be held accountable if someone choked to death on a bit of uncut Romaine.

Unlike TV commercials, please notice that MY disclosure is in large, bold letters. Why would one purchase and product or service which offered a teeny-tiny disclosure? Although I have no legal training, it is simple to deduce why companies would resort to such tactics.

1. They know the young and the restless crowd won't slow down long enough to read it.
2. They know the older, more cautious crowd, are all sporting some form of visual correction.

It has become my mission in life to read these itsy-bitsy disclaimers. This is what the majority of them say:
  • Results not typical.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
  • Not Board Certified
  • Along with diet and exercise...
  • Requires enrollment in...

So, just don't purchase any product or service from these scumbags. I mean unscrupulous companies.

My legal staff advises me that merely stating that I am irresponsible, I mean not responsible for anything, in no way precludes anyone from taking legal action against me. So I'm adding the drivel at the bottom on this entry in hopes that if I am ever threatened with a lawsuit, the person or persons of the second party will not be able to read this and I will be exonerated on a technicality.

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