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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cast(less) System

I have been fishing since I was a child. I even won a prize for catching the "first fish" in kids' fishing tournament, although I managed to lose my father's fishing net in the process. While it is not my consuming passion, I don't usually feel that awkward with a rod in my hand...until recently.

Fishing with Partner takes the sport to a whole new dimension. I'm strictly a leisurely worm wetter, while he is a relentless hunter. He can cast across the pond with one flick of the wrist. I, on the other hand, manage meager tosses, snarl my line or embarrassingly hook an object directly behind me.

My solution to this problem is the castless system. I merely dangle a tempting bait (usually labeled "bass love this!") over the side of the boat and continually gyrate it until the fish go crazy and attack it. The benefits are that I can see when my victim bites and the reeling in process is kept to a minimum, which I'm sure causes less stress on the bass. Partner may consider himself an angler, but with this new sysytem, I have become a bass temptress.

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