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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blame It On The Conservatives

According to my research, "political correctness" began in the 1980's as a reaction to ultra-conservative groups using disparaging language when referring to multi-cultural, affirmative action and feminist activities.

The movement has since crept into all aspects of life. It is like having to learn a second language. Now, the following new appellations apply:

tree hugger-environmental activist
bum-displaced homeowner
redneck-rustically inclined
murderer-termination specialist
prostitute-body provider
gas station attendant-petroleum transfer engineer
unemployed-involuntary leisured
teacher-knowledge conveyor
prisoner-client of the correctional system

So, for all my years of ranting at the "left" for the political correctness movement, I apologize and stand "corrected". It was the "right" that was wrong.

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