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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye of the Tiger

Tiger, Tiger burning bright
Where do you rest your head at night?
You can strike a ball 900 feet,
But you can 't drive across the street.
You Mastered the game of ball and sticks
So now you play with chicks for kicks.
A hole-in-one, a dog-leg right
Get out your driver---the game's on tonight!
When did your brain move to your boxers?
You've now become the King of Cockers.
Fans and sponsors wonder, "What we're you thinking?
All the Right Guard in the world can't stop your stinking.
It's a game you can't win either
You've gone from a Tiger to a Cheetah.

---all rights reserved and with my sincere apologies to William Blake and his poem, The Tiger.

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