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Friday, December 4, 2009

Partner's Merit Badge

If he's not working on a merit badge, I'm wondering what's cooking with Partner.

Two weeks ago, he asked me for a list of ideas for my birthday present. Remember, he is the Dec.24th Christmas shopper and my birthday was three weeks away.

Then he volunteered to do the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. I don't mean a casual, "I'll help," but a full kitchen clean. To his credit, Partner often helps with the dishes, but to anti-up for Thanksgiving kitchen duty was a little out of the norm.

To add to the mix, Sunday night he rescued me from ironing the last five Chocolate Crimes aprons. I haven't seen Partner with an iron in his hand since we were first married.

I don't think it's another woman because he just bought me a rifle with a long-range scope. Everyone knows not to arm a soon to be angry woman. Don't get me wrong, I'm terribly grateful for all this marital bliss, but just wondeing if we're about to annex some more ranch property or "we" have invested in a banana farm in Brazil.

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