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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to... Me!

Yes, it IS my birthday, December 7th, ....which reminds me of just how much I loathe the traditional "Birthday Song"..."Happy birthday to you, etc." How many folks do you actually want to say, "Happy birthday, dear s0-and-so," to? The single thing it has going for it is that the only lyric you need to remember is "happy birthday."
To add to the agony of singing this ditty, my vocal range is very limited. You certainly wouldn't want to be sitting next to be while I was attempting the upper ranges of "happy birthday." I have to lip sync the National Anthem to keep from clearing stadiums.

So, it is with great joy, I announce my version of The Birthday Song For All Humanity. If you can manage middle C to upper C on the piano, you have it made. There are no difficult lyrics, it is an easy melody and it is appropriate for all ages. The added advantage to this tune is that it can not drift into the mutilated version of the old Birthday Song, "How old are you?"

Memorize this and spread the word. My goal is to have the original Birthday Song eradicated by my next birthday.

May you heart be blessed.
May your dreams come true.
May this birthday wish,
Last the whole year through.

Music and lyrics are the sole property of Cece Brune, 2009.

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