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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Divine Intervention

It is a Sunday, in fact Super Bowl Sunday, and I am about to commit a sin. Okay, maybe just a little sin, but I'm going to steal a story from a very dear friend. Does it make it worse that I'm pre-empting the use of a tale from a devout Catholic, a kind and generous woman who would drop-anything-to-come-help-you and the world's best pecan pie maker? Yes, it probably does, but the story is just so cute...
FRIEND'S parent had been enduring a run of bad luck including having their home destroyed by hurricane Katrina. She had them living with her for months-on-end without complaint. (I told you she was wonderful!) Her parents were finally relocated to New Orleans when her father suffered a serious medical problem. It morphed into numerous complications and things were touch-and -go for a while.
While at a Bunko party recently, a mutual friend inquired about her father's health.
FRIEND replied, " I really believe the saints kept him alive."
Knowing her religious convictions, the friend nodded and murmured about the power of faith.
"Oh, I didn't mean those saints," FRIEND exclaimed. "I meant the New Orleans Saints. He and Mom are so excited about the football team. I think it has just kept him going from Sunday to Sunday. They put on their team t-shirts and beads and watch every game."
Does the Who Dat Nation have one more miracle in their pocket? We will all know by the end of the day.

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