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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Who, The Hoosiers and The Who Dats

Well, another Super Bowl has come and gone. I've heard all sorts of commentary, but no one has mentioned the "who" factor. Don't you find it a little strange that all the participants have a connection to who? Was there a Horton who planned the entire event?
The Who: What a waste of money. Did anyone actually audition this formerly great band? If I wanted to watch old people sing off key, I could have looked in the mirror. PARTNER commented that last year even Prince was better than The Who. I guess the only good point was that nobody had a wardrobe malfunction, although I did get a shot of naked belly fat.
The Hoosiers: You can't win if you're not on the field. I guess only the pundits and the Colts thought they were invincible. It really is quite a burden on Payton when your team announces they win or lose because of their quarterback.
The Who Dats: I said they needed another miracle (see yesterday's post), but they pulled it off with style. The best moment of the game was seeing Drew Brees with tears in his eyes, holding his new son.
One last word from Whoville: The commercials were a great disappointment! I only chuckled twice...the dog barker device and the ground hog Steeler. I guess unless your team won, it was a bit of a lackluster evening. Maybe it would have been better if they'd played in the Hula (get it?) Bowl.

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