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Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitty Litter Cake or When Bakers Go Awry

Just when I thought I'd heard of everything in the baker's lexicon, I had the misfortune to discover the recipe for Kitty Litter Cake. I'm having difficulty thinking of a time when this cake would be an appropriate dessert. Who would want to present an after dinner treat to their family or guests that is served in a kitty litter box, with a kitty litter liner and dished up with a pooper-scooper? (I will give them credit, however, for specifying that you should use new, as in unused, cat products.)
For starters you make:
a white cake mix (cool)
a German chocolate cake mix (cool)
a large package of Vanilla instant pudding (chill)

Then you crush up one package of white creme filled cookies. (Set aside 1/4 cup of crumbs and add a drop of green food coloring.)

Now you crumble both cakes, add the crushed cookies, and stir together using the pudding to just moisten. You will have extra pudding. Place the cake/pudding/cookie mixture in the lined litter box. Sprinkle with the green cookie crumbs (chlorophyll) and top with 10 small Tootsie Rolls (of course!). Place the litter box on a sheet of newspaper for display. Serve up with the pooper-scoooper and wait for the meows of delight!
Tips: Warm the Tootsie Rolls slightly until pliable and form into more poo-like shapes. You can also bury some. For a special touch, hang one over the edge of the litter box. Personally, I'm CATatonic at the thought.

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