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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feathering My Nest

Every year it is a battle with the doves. They want to build a nest under my pergola and I don't want them to live there. I have plenty of trees and large shrubs available for tenants, but they insist on dwelling right on top of me. We play this game where I remove the nest and they rebuild it. Don't think too harshly of me...sometimes they have it rebuilt by the end of the day. In previous years, I have tried filling the space with bricks. They worked well until one of them narrowly missed beaning me on the head. I still haven't figured out how it came loose. Then I tried Styrofoam blocks. Of course, they were way too light and took flight in the slightest breeze. This year I finally out-foxed the doves. I stuffed the space with air pillow packing material. The doves are gone!
I do have a certain sympathy for the birds, as I too am a nest builder. Turning a house into a home has always been a high priority for me. Right now my nest is in an uproar with a very messy kitchen remodel. I'm already awaiting the culmination of this undertaking with great anticipation. I will keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime, the kitchen is closed for repairs.

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