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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Partner's Dispensation

I warned PARTNER that he was most assuredly headed for a blog entry. He made me get up before the crack of dawn to drive to the ranch...the lure being he would take me out for breakfast. (I love dining out for breakfast!) "We" got up so early that the breakfast place wasn't even open.
If you don't remember, the ranch is only 40 minutes from our house, so the need to arise in the dark to get there at a prudent hour was an aberration on someone's part. My hand was poised to relate this fiasco, when I remembered that it would be better not to chastise PARTNER on his birthday. It was a good choice because he had a terrible headache all day and couldn't even go out for dinner. The next morning he had a dentist appointment followed by a noon flight to New York. The bright spot of his natal day was a video of ONLY singing, "Hap Birday, Pop-eee."
So, being the good wife and sympathetic woman I am, I will not mention the breakfast incident. It will be coffee under the bridge, so to speak. No one will ever hear about it from me. He is off the hook until his next mis-step. It's the least I can do for the birthday boy.

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