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Friday, May 21, 2010


If no one has misled me, I am a week away from habitating my newly remodeled kitchen and living area. I'm having a hard time figuring out just what to call that part of the house. It used to be referred to as a den. Then it graduated to a family room. From family room it morphed into keeping room, than open-concept and great room. Actually, it is the room where all the living really occurs.
The living room, on the other hand, seems to only be used when company calls, the parson shows up or one's house is infiltrated by a group of women. This room should be known as the "company room" and the previously mentioned are firmly fixed with the title "family room".
Right now, my company room is filled with family room furniture. My dining room is packed with kitchen boxes and some extraneous bits of furniture. My salon/office is un-navigatable due to a large table in the middle of it and ONLY's bedroom is well-stocked with lamps and decorative items.
I am so ready for everything to be back in its place. I'm missing my nice, orderly, roomy home.

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