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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stunned by Cuisinart

I purchased a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker last year, hoping to switch from the salt/ice routine to electric efficiency for our annual Fourth of July ice cream adventure. Unfortunately, the machine never hardened the mixture. Optimistically, we tried again this year...another failure!
I geared myself up to wait on the phone for an endless customer service line at Cuisinart. Not only did they answer right away, but offered to send a new unit for only $10.00 shipping. No proof of purchase, twenty questions or did I drop the unit? Just, "That's not right, it should be working. We'll send you a new one as they are guaranteed for three years." (Nothing in this world is guaranteed for three years.) So, I am happily awaiting my ice cream maker and I don't even mind sending the old one back. Maybe I should have pushed for free shipping both ways. I guess I was just too stunned by REAL customer service to think of it.
Here's hoping that this new unit will work better than the last.

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