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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fox Sans Sox

There's a fox on my roof.
I can here his little hoof,
Going pitter, going patter
as he scampers, then gets flatter.

He's reclining in the shade.
Oh, he thinks he has it made.
But the fox should really worry
cause for him I don't feel sorry.

I'm calling animal control
to relieve me of my patrol.
I have other things to do.
I do not wish to run a zoo.

I refuse to watch this fox
or the FOX that's in the box,
but it doesn't seem to matter
they drone on with idle chatter.

Wish that I could turn the channel
and expunge this fox so wily.
I'm afraid he'll be as banal
as the "no spin" Bill O'Reilly.

This may be my lucky day.
The lazy fox has gone away.
He up and left without a warning.
May he still be gone tomorrow morning.

...with apologies to Dr. Suess

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