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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Letter to USAA Insurance

Dear Mr. Gonzales,
I was surprised to hear from you yesterday. I had no idea my car repairs were completed. I would have gladly turned in my rental car, if someone had just informed me that the Lexus was fixed. In regard to your insinuations, I was not conspiring to keep the lovely Ford Fusion for an extra weekend. Of course, it was tempting to drive that car constantly, but I refrained and only used it for emergencies, like buying groceries and going to the doctor. (check the mileage) I will surely miss that bumpy ride, loose steering and tight brakes.
Your threat to immediately cancel my rental spurred me to action, despite the inconvenience. I had repair men at the house and had a doctor appointment in a nearby town, but I dropped everything and filled the Fusion with gas and returned it to Enterprise. Amazingly, they had not heard from you.
When I arrived at repair shop, they informed me that USAA Insurance, not they, were the ones that held up the delivery of my car. I don't blame them for not releasing my car until you paid them. (They had sent several requests for payment.) After your ranting that they were "holding you hostage" and being forced to "bite the bullet", I wasn't sure what to expect. You would think that a major insurance company could have dealt with this situation in a more reasonable manner. I'm sorry these folks weren't on your "list" of repair shops, but they were recommended by MY insurance and approved by you. I know it was petty of me, but I didn't want the Lexus fixed at Bubba's Fender-Bender.
In you hasty rudeness, you failed to inquire about my injuries. My arms and legs feel better, I still have a few back spasms and my neck is definitely bad. In fact, I'm living on Advil and physical therapy. It is putting a considerable damper on my activities, including my time spent writing on the computer. When I forget and move my neck a certain way, I get this terrible shooting pain. Really, it's just a shame that YOUR teenage client was so busy on the telephone that she was "distracted" and crashed into the back of my vehicle. I guess, somehow, that was my fault, too.
Please do not call me again until you have completed an anger management class and read (and absorbed) the etiquette in Texas Manners. Obviously, you are not the "good hands", "good neighbor" or good anything insurance company.

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  1. I'm a representative from USAA and came across your post. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent claims experience and would like your feedback regarding the situation. Customer service is important to us, and if you have a bad experience, we'd like to know about it.

    I'd like to get more of the details about your situation so we can make a member of our management team aware of what happened. If you have a moment, please send an email to and we'll be in touch soon.