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Friday, September 10, 2010

There's Something Fishy About This

After hearing the benefits of fish consumption touted by the medical world, I finally have conclusive proof that fish is not the wonder food that it has been proclaimed.
1. In a recent British study, it was determined that B vitamins actually delayed the development of dementia in elderly patients. So much for fish being the "brain food".

2. In an attempt to lower my cholesterol, the doctor suggested Omega 3 (fish oil) supplements. In fact it raised my BAD cholesterol. Now I have to take a statin drug.

3. Most conclusively, just check out the photo of these fish farmers. I admit, they are all nice looking men, but not exactly an ad for the health benefits of fish. ( Look at those protruding tummies...despite the attempt of the guy on the right to hold his belly in. I think he exhaled and held his breath.)
So, eat fish if you like it, but don't be expecting me to dine with you. I'll hold out for the crustaceans.

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