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Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend at the Diamond B

I know how folks get split personalities...they buy a ranch. Monday through Thursday my life is pretty predictable. On Friday, all bets are off. We spent an hour at OndaLay Pipe buying some black poly irrigation pipe. This was in sharp contract to the truckbed full of feed we are usually hauling. We didn't have feed because PARTNER had made a Thursday run to meet the fish man and took the feed with him. Friday and Saturday he spent discing and planting, trying to beat the rain. Saturday evening went down the tubes about dinner time.
One of the dogs (Al Capone) managed to get into one of the puppy's kennels. Then the butane ran out on the grill. After inserting a new canister, the grill was still not heating. The steaks moved inside to the broiler. They were finally ready for consumption around 8:30, but not before one had a close encounter with the kitchen floor and we had set off the smoke detector.
I forgot to mention that PARTNER had a cold.
Sunday we dodged rain balls and headed to St. Lawrence for the Fall Festival to sell my cookbook. Obviously, we are not seasoned craft fair vendors, so we wrestled with the tent, table and hauling of books. Did I mention that the wind was blowing, the temperature had taken a big dip and PARTNER's cold was worse? Not being part of the usual fair crowd, I did not know that plastic jewelry and anything with sequins and glitter were de rigueur. If I only had some rhinestones to slap on the book cover...and of course, there was the price point. Luckily, another storm approached around 2:00 and we opted for escape. Looking more like Zombies than humans, we retreated to the house. Peace at last. Will I ever feel at home on the range?

Yes, PARTNER gets big points for his duct tape heroics and attendance at the festival.

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