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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Annual Holiday Illness

Why is it that every year, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I get a cold?
I'm just crawling out from the Thanksgiving Whammie and a course of antibiotics. I still sound hoarse, but at least I'm starting to feel better. I am determined to be functional by tomorrow, as it is my birthday.
Since I have lost ten days of book selling, cookie baking and stocking stuffing, I feel a little bit behind. Yesterday, I made the world's longest grocery list. I can hardly wait to fight the crowds at HEB. I'm setting out my holiday cards in hopes the mail carrier will take pity on me and deposit them at the post office. Otherwise, I'm in a holding pattern until I get back my energy.
I commented to ONE that I was really glad I had done so much of my holiday decorating and shopping in advance. She said it was probably the reason I got sick. Well, I'll stick with my philosophy that advanced planning is the way to go. I'd rather be ready and sick than sick and unprepared!

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