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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Frowning Marionette

Nowhere on my list of things I aspire to is the notation, "I'd like to resemble a frowning marionette." However, life seems to have other plans for me. So, after being offered a free copy of Senior News at Barnes & Noble, I decided that it was time to slow down and peruse the wrinkle cream aisle.
In reality, I know that not one product on the shelf will actually do anything to retard or correct the ravages of time. If there was such a product, every woman I know would purchase it. All their faces would shine with the glow of youth. Somewhere,the inventor of this glorious product would be laughing all the way to the bank.
Despite this logical reasoning, I plunked down my money for a pot of miracle cream that would having me looking younger and radiant in only eight weeks. As I massaged it into my skin,(wondering why they thought it necessary to load it down with fragrance)I was filled with self-pity. I know better than to throw away good money on wrinkle removers. I guess it was just the thought that I looked like I needed a copy of the Senior News that pushed me over the edge...

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