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Friday, March 18, 2011

Mourning the Death of Pantyhose

I never saw the obituary, but according to ONE, "No one wears pantyhose anymore." I was a bit puzzled as I have a drawer full of pantyhose and they are still selling them at department stores. After taking a quick poll, I discovered that only the young and restless have foregone the silky leg coverings.
This may explain the enormous increase in out of wedlock babies. Pantyhose were a staunch guardian of virginity. While the advent of pantyhose relieved women from the binding discomfort of girdles,(yes, even small woman wore them to hold up their nylons)they did not in any way compromise the security of the nether regions. Pantyhose were and are not easily removed without full cooperation of the wearer.In 1980, eighteen percent of births were by single mothers. This number ballooned to nearly 41 percent by 2008. See what happens when you trade pantyhose for thongs and crotchless underwear.


  1. This is hilarious, and the cause-and-effect is at least as valid as the daily Wall Street headlines!

    Though "pantyhose" sales may be declining declining, tights, thigh-highs, and even gartered stockings are selling well to the very same generation that claims pantyhose are dead.

  2. This is too funny - I was trying to find a picture of pantyhose and found this post in my search. I LOVE pantyhose and your argument is interesting...worth further research I'd say!
    Anna (