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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

USAA the Final Frontier

Once I deposit my reimbursement check, my adventures with USAA Insurance come to a close. Like the sitcom that has run for too many seasons, it is time. My neck is finally moving without discomfort and my car is repaired.
My health insurance has had to cover my expenses while USAA decided the outcome of my "case." This is the part of insurance I don't like. I am an honest citizen and all I wanted was to have my car and body restored to pre-accident condition. After searching on line, I am beginning to understand why the insurance companies get so cranky.
One fellow was mad because they wouldn't insure his wife while she was in jail. Another "forgot" to pay her premiums, but thought she was still entitled to coverage. A third was furious that his policy was cancelled after an episode of drunken driving.
TWO is insured by USAA and says they have always been polite and circumspect in handling all matters. A friend's car was hit by a USAA policy holder and had nothing but trouble settling the claim. My parting thought for you is; maybe you are better off as a USAA client than a victim of one of their insured drivers.

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