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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Eyebrows or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Have you noticed that your eyebrows are disappearing? If you've been an aggressive waxer, that could exacerbate the problem. Eyebrow loss can also be caused by a thyroid deficiency, but most of us are just facing another ugly fact of eyebrows become thinner and thinner. Contrary to some thought, scrubbing them in with a black pencil only makes you look like Graucho Marx.
I've always had nice dark brows and suddenly they seem to be shrinking and fading right before my eyes. So, if you are suffering along with me, here are some suggestions:
 Talika Eyelash Lipocilis works on brow re-growth, but the big winner is Latisse. It is available by prescription, only. Revita Brow has mixed reviews. Castor bean oil (who knew) is not very popular and Rogaine for women doesn't seem to do much, either. While your brows are re-growing, you might try a little eyeshadow (DHC powder pencil)  instead of eye pencil to fill in the gaps.
If you give up on resuscitating your thinning brown, your can always try faux brows. NuBrow makes a human hair brown that is put in place with adhesive and can be re-used. If you have any experience with these, let me know. I think it would feel like putting fuzzy caterpillars over your eyes, but then, I never had much use for false eyelashes, either. Some folks have resorted to tattooing brows. I find this very troublesome, as brow styles come and go and tattooing is pretty permanent. As you can see from the photo, it is not necessarily a natural look. Also, as we age, our brows are one of the few parts of our bodies that actually defy gravity. For some bizarre reason, they elevate from the eye socket as we age. This would explain some of the less than esthetically pleasing looks resulting from brow lifts. Because younger women have lower brows, these lifts actually produce the opposite of the desired affect and in the worst cases, leave one with the dreaded pointy-owl-eyebrows.

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