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Friday, June 3, 2011

Wilderness Calls...Men Rush to Sign Up

After trolling through the local outdoor expo, PARTNER and I had an abundance of literature to peruse. It has taken a few weeks to sift through all of it, so I'm just getting to a brochure from It bills itself as, "where civilization ends and wilderness begins." Founders, James and Sam (no last names) invite you to enjoy nature and wildlife. If you are interested in hunting, they have a package for you.
"Your day will begin and end with the anticipation and thrill of hunting. The evenings will be full of tall tails as you relax around a warm campfire." I happened to know it is illegal to provide hunters with an evening full of Amazonian women. It's called prostitution. How are they getting away with this? you suppose they provide tall men for the female hunters? I think some ladies might be ready to bear arms and bare their arms. Talk about some tales to tell around the warm campfire!

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