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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nostalgia Bites: Sequined Calendars

I have recently received two catalogues that offer sequined calendar kits for sale.  You know, the kind of year-long cloth calendar that hangs on the wall and looks worse with each passing month.  I find it amazing that these bits of nostalgia live on.
One can't make notations on them, they don't fit in a briefcase or purse and they are tacky looking.  So, my question is...Who is still buying these things? If you are even familiar with them, it is probably because you saw a similar item in your grandmother's or great-grandmother's kitchen.  Somehow, I can't imagine baby boomers or generation Xers pursuing the pastime of gluing or sewing tiny sequins on pre-printed fabric.
If for some crazy reason this hobby does bring a nostalgic tear to your eye, you'll be happy to learn that the calendars are available for a nominal price at Mary Maxin.  I guess the winters in Port Huron, Michigan can drive one to try many odd diversions.  The selection includes rural scenes, birds and animals, florals, motorcycles and even a sequined-robed Jesus.
If there is anyone you want to gracefully eliminate from your annual holiday gift list, I suggest you assemble one of these calendars. Then make frequent trips to the recipient's house to insure it is being properly displayed.  I bet next year they will suggest the gift exchange comes to a halt.

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