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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When He Forgets Your Wedding Anniversary

Okay, for a day that didn't start out so great, I'm now falling off my chair with laughter. It is my wedding anniversary and by all indications, PARTNER has forgotten that we walked down the aisle 42 years ago today.
So, I'm just randomly searching the Internet for "forgotten anniversary" and I stumble across all kinds of amazing  advice and consolation. This informative tidbit comes from Dr. Karen Sherman from the website, "hitched'".  According to the credits, she has been a practicing psychologist for over 20 years.  Maybe she needs a little more practice and some writing lessons.

"...women tend to think if a man forgets something special like an anniversary, it means he doesn't care.  Of course, if that's your belief, you're going to feel hurt and hurt leads to anger.  However, from his point of view(I'm sure she is eluding to the point on the top of his head.) he didn't see it as anything more than forgetting a date and was probably insulted that you question his feelings for you. Additionally, it's been my experience that when a women gets upset emotionally, most men become uncomfortable and will accuse her of over-acting."
Now, that's what I call counseling.  Wouldn't you love to be on her couch?  Now for the remedy...

"Since research has shown (really???) that men's brains do not pick up hints, let him know directly about a week or two before your anniversary, that your anniversary is, in fact coming up. You can continue to be cute by sending an e-mail with a countdown."

Don't you just love being cute?!!!! I'm just not sure a countdown is enough.  What about an add in the newspaper?  Maybe hire a billboard?  Better yet, how about a reminder shoe polished on his vehicle?

So ladies, unless we want to become his secretary of important dates, I guess we just take our little irrational emotions and set them aside to spare our loving spouse any displeasure for being a dunderhead.  My highly immature solution is to ignore his birthday next year.  You know, it's not that you FORGOT...your brain can't be bothered by such trivia. I know he won't take it personally.

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  1. You forgot to mention that if you share your anniversary with your best friend and her spouse, someone will always remember that special day. We did a mini celebration and will have a special dinner in a couple of weeks. Maybe the best idea is to try and plan something together - the guys can't forget if we plan it!