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Monday, September 19, 2011

Apache Declares War

If you watched any vintage cowboy movies, you know the first sign of impending doom is when the lone Apache comes charging in and throws a lance in front of your homestead. Well, just look what I found on the property this weekend. Yes, this means WAR!!
Surveyors had spent two weeks looking for property
lines, when PARTNER gave them a copy of the survey
that WE had paid for.  I mean, if they can't even find
the boundary markers on their own it doesn't say much for the brain power at work.
Don't think I'm going to take this in stride. I've figured out a way to stay within PARTNER's parameters of acceptable behavior and still outwit the interlopers. The center "lance" is where they plan to drill and it is surrounded by four other stakes 100 feet away in each direction. All I have to do is move the stakes.  I'm thinking the well designated Crab Cooker could just move into the caliche pit and Rosebud would be happier on top of the  large rock pile.
I do believe I can get away with this little slight of hand because folks who work in the oilfield are so dumb that they have to have plastic tape marking the way to each of the well sites.  I guess they can't read maps.  I will merely alter their route and soon they will be drilling two dry holes in the worst spots imaginable. Really, who needs land mines when you have innate genius?

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