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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apache Autumn

The green leaves of the cottonwood tree are no longer murmuring.  They lie on the ground in a crispy brown pile.  The bobcats and the coyotes are on the prowl for food and the ducks are seeking refuge upon our ponds as they fly south for the winter.  Ah, the change of seasons at the ranch.
I have not been to the ranch in a month, so this weekend I had a chance to survey all these changes. The Apache gate warden, like the ducks, has flown the coop. The rig has moved to greener pastures. Unfortunately, it set up just across from our property and is a shining beacon in the night...a constant reminder that there are 16 Apache rigs at work in the Garden City area.
Of course, they left trash behind: coke can, water bottle, damaged poly pipe...I never did make it as far as Rosebud, so who knows what junk is lying around there. The biggest surprise of all was just how enormous the tank battery is.  I don't know how far away PARTNER was when he shot that photo, but these tanks are huge! By the way, I'm still accepting names for this landmark atrocity. Maybe the winner will get to come out and tour the scenic cesspools left behind from the drilling.
I should have know that my pipe dream of co-existence with Apache, was just that. I am back on the offensive and just waiting until they start trenching for the pipelines to the tank battery.  Most of all, I am dreading the frac trucks and all that mess.
The really good news is that some company will be running seismic on the property PDQ.  Just what I want...more strangers roaming around the ranch.  The last crew that was there made a big mess. Can't wait to see what these guys do.  Apache ought to be excited.  I'll be grousing about someone else for a while.

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