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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Wish List: Stripping Pole and Digital Camera

I try to embrace current technology, but I still can't come to grips with Twitter.  It makes no sense to me that anyone would want to read all that verbal diarrhea. I did, however, put a holiday wish list on Amazon to help PARTNER with his birthday and Christmas shopping.  I thought it would be much easier for him to click and ship rather than shop.
I told ONE of my list and she went to look for it.  "Mom, there must be 20 wish lists with the same name."
"Okay, I'll try to make mine more distinguishable."
After checking out Amazon, I realized she only needed my email address to find the wish list. I would tell her next time we talked.
Next day:
"Mom, I looked up your name and the only entry I could find the items on the wish list were a Stripping Pole and Digital Camera...I didn't think it was you."
Well, I'm still laughing...Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight...but only after I make my holiday video in the skimpy Santa suit. Guess I better add it to the list.

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