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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Outsmarted by Apache?

Hmmmmm....just when I thought I had the lay of the land, Apache pulls another fast one on me.  PARTNER informed me (I'm still too sick for the ranch) that Apache hired security to man the gate because the volume of traffic (something to do with drilling mud and water problem) was so great that they couldn't keep the gate locked.  Now we have our own personal guard (and his wife) to protect us from trespassers and poachers. I think they have out-foxed the fox. If they are not careful, I may run out of things to complain about.  Could it be they are actually trying to be accommodating? It is scary...they even painted the gate.
Of course, then there is this new blight on our land.  How did they build this so fast?  If I could only find a contractor that moved at that warp speed, I would be delighted. It is the things I don't want that seem to be accomplished so effortlessly.
Since I've named every other feature on the ranch, I figure we need to name this monstrosity, too. Y'all have been so interested in this little trauma of mine, I thought I'd give you first crack at naming the tank battery that is located somewhere between Crabcooker and Rosebud. (Can't wait to see it in person.) Put your thinking caps on and submit your entries on the comment bar.  I'm sure I will find a suitable prize for the winning entry.