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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sure Glad They Don't Sell Cap Guns at Toys R Us

After being sick for MORE THAN TWO WEEKS, I have moved from home improvement television to cartoons.  Unfortunately, I don't understand most of the "new" cartoons. Unhappily, they have turned Bugs and Daffy into roommates.  Bugs is way too laid-back and Daffy is a not politically correct, jobless, idiot.  Bugs' girlfriend Lola is a self-centered airhead and Daffy's working girl friend, Lola is a no-nonsense  in-your-face woman. Somehow, the magic is gone. Give me Popeye bashing Bluto, any day.
The entertainment and educational value of the Cartoon Network lies only in the commercials. The girls are offered swimming mermaids, hopping bunnies, lala loopey winged dolls, Moshi monster dolls, Zoobles animals and Squinkies play figures.  Nothing sexist about that! The only gender neutral toy they advertise is good old Play Dough

Nerf Vulcan
  The boys, however, are encouraged to channel their aggression with Star Wars Fighter Pods, Darth Maul Electronic mask and saber, Nerf Lumitron Blaster(ie. GUN) and the Power Ranger Samurai Battle Gear. I'm not even going into that dangerous territory of video games.  As they are encouraged to "unleash the destruction," it makes my 1950's Roy Rogers cap pistol and cowboy hat seem innocuous.

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