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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding Love in the Country

While the online dating service Christian Mingle promises to "find God's match for you," I'm thinking that God probably isn't too happy about this bit of unethical advertising.  I mean, how does their computer KNOW that the person they select for you is really the CHOSEN ONE?  I'm just postulating here, but me thinks a lightening bolt, tornado or computer virus may be headed toward Christian Mingle's data base.
So, if we rule out this place, what does a lonesome cowboy or cowgirl do when he or she can't find a mate?
Here are a few options:
Horse Lovers Connection "where serious single cowboys, cowgirls and horse people connect." "where country meets country." "because city folks just don't get it."
Date a Cowboy  "Cowboys are a bit ruff (sic) around the edges but they have a lot of love to give."
Yes, finding a date or a mate is difficult for those stuck out in the boondocks.  Chances are your dating choices are limited to relatives and high school rejects. Just think of how great it would be to find someone who loves to arise at 4 am and milk the cows. Someone who doesn't mind a little manure his/her boots. Someone who knows how to drive a tractor and handle a branding iron. It is the little things in life that matter. 
Guys, I guess it is time to mosey over to the computer and rustle up a date for the weekend.

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