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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rating the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is hot...I mean it is literally hot.  I had to return my first Fire because it got way too hot.  My replacement is less hot, but still gets quite warm.  This feature would be great in the winter, but not to super during the summer months. I was pleased with the service and quick replacement, but the most difficult part was finding the telephone number for Kindle support (1-866-321-8851).  It seems they want you to email them about your issues.  Unfortunately, none of their "topics" fit my situation.
Another drawback to the Fire is its short battery life (8 hours if you have wi-fi off) and the charging cord is so short, you can't charge and read at the same time.  It tends to unintentionally flip pages when you set it down, causing you to lose your place. The Fire has the same type of screen as a computer, so it is not so easy on the eyes. Unless you have the brightness level turned all the way up, you cannot read the Fire in sunlight.  Unfortunately, this is also a drain on the limited battery life. Unlike the Kindle keyboard, on the Fire you can't download books without a wi-fi connection.  At the ranch, I'm out of luck.
On the plus side, e-readers, etc. don't waste paper, are easy to travel with and don't clutter up your house with paperbacks.  They are easier to bulky books and tired thumbs.  On the downside, you can't read during jet take-offs and landings. I would not take a reader into the pool or tub and I certainly miss not folding down the pages to mark my spot.  Due to the nature of the e-books, it is difficult to judge just where you are in the book.  I like to know how much story I have left without having to check the percentage of book still available. While you can share Kindle books, the person has to have access to your account and password.  It is easier just to pass the paperback along to a friend.
I was really happy to receive my Fire, but it leaves me longing for my old Kindle keyboard.  It had a much longer battery life, stayed cool, was easy on the eyes with it's special reading format and best of all, it would download anywhere my phone worked. So, it doesn't have color, email or built-in lighting, it still served its purpose as a great reader.  If you have email and internet on your phone, why do you need it on a reader? I am definitely an e-reader convert, but the Fire leaves me cold.

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