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Monday, July 16, 2012

Too Bad, Apache

Oh looks like Apache has had a big slap on the wrist.  Glasscock County won't let them drill a well that is too close (less than 1/4 mile) to the Garden City water system well. I realize how difficult it must be for Apache to be told "no", as they are the ones usually saying "no" to the poor surface rights owners.  Now that they won't be tied up drilling another well, maybe they can find the time to come over to the Diamond B and clean up some of their mess.
PARTNER has invited Apache to view the damage, but so far, they have declined.  Maybe it is because they dug all sorts of trenches and buried pipline without getting our right-of-way.  Naughty, naughty, naughty!
If that wasn't enough, we been plagued by the Apache speeder.  We attempted to hail him down on Sunday, but he just sped right by, leaving us in a trail of caliche dust. This makes me wonder why he was so anxious to get away from us...I mean besides speeding and going around corners at full throttle.  You would think, under the circumstances, they would be treading lightly around us, but they felt compelled to call about running seismic on our land.  Really?  More Apache on our ranch!  Oh, the best part...they would give us $400 for our "trouble"...just salt in the wound!
Unfortunately, Apache's sub-contractors are just as painful.  I'm sick of Lucky Services, Inc. and finally called Zack to complain.  I'm waiting to see what wonderful fix they come up with for the carelessness, incompetence and trespassing. I will not be holding my breath.
Must be time to take out the old doll...
Assuming they have brains, they must keep them here.

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