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Monday, September 24, 2012

Apache Annual Report

Golly, could it have only been one year since Apache invaded our Diamond B Ranch?  For those of us laboring under this yolk of oppression, it seems more like ten years.  You would think by now they would be finished defacing our property, but alas, there seems to be no end in sight.
Well count-7
Staked, but not drilled-2
Due to be staked-1*

*This may be the cruelest well of all...located along our main entry in full view of barn, kennels, house and pond.

I don't know why the Texas Railroad Commission keeps granting these folks drilling permits.  As far as I can determine, they have failed on so many levels to abide by safety and environmental regulations. There has been no land reclamation on the completed wells and we are still waiting on resolution of the right of way issues. In other words...they SUCK!!!!

I'm running out of non-violent protests.  I'm thinking of burning my Apache voodoo doll.  This effigy burning seems so effective in third world countries..maybe I will receive some government aid if I protest enough. Then you can just add me to the 47% on the governmental dole.

I got so excited when I found this photo of what appeared to be an effigy of an Apache oilfield worker being torched, but alas it was really supposed to be Obama. Obviously, the militants of Pakistan have no idea what our president normally wears.

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